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We bring you the pride and the real taste of Ceylon in a delightful cup of refreshing golden tea. With us, you will discover the finest and the most exquisite tea blends carefully made to tantalize your taste buds. Our journey, was full of nice milestones and we are really proud of that. The latest news and events from our global activities.

Our Teas for Hospitality, Office and Gifting
April 2, 2020

Worldmart Ceylon – “HillTips” is known to be one of the best tea in the world. It is a most sought after Ceylon tea brand, globally. A selection of the finest gourmet black and organic teas infused with variety of flavours are offered in delicate caddies. It is a perfect form of gifting or personal use in your office or home. Nine infusions which is supremely light with a delicate floral aroma as Rose Dream, Chamomile, Flower Bouquet, Jasmine and A bright Ceylon Pekoe Tea in sensuous and deliciously fragrant fusion of Puchong, Coconut, Lemon, Mint and Ginger Teas are available in 100 gr delectable caddies.

The teas & infusions are offered in pure, natural form or in inspired combinations featuring authentic, artisanal and ethical teas, flavours, herbs, roots and spices. Each of our Inspirations is an experience with perfectly selected herbs, and expertly crafted tea and spice, offering tea that is infused with deliciousness and natural wellness.