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We bring you the pride and the real taste of Ceylon in a delightful cup of refreshing golden tea. With us, you will discover the finest and the most exquisite tea blends carefully made to tantalize your taste buds. Our journey, was full of nice milestones and we are really proud of that. The latest news and events from our global activities.

Chairman/ Managing Director Mr. Thushan Jaysunadara participated the International Tea Carnival and the 2nd Annual International Tea Conference in Yibin. China
April 2, 2020

Bringing a luxury tea experience for the tea aficionados around the world tea carnival and 2nd Annual tea Conference was held in Yibin, china from March 17th to 19th 2018. This conference was a platform for tea connoisseurs to gather. Delegates from European countries, Asian and South East Asian countries participated in this event.

WMC was honored to be invited to participate in this Yibin Tea Conference and Mr. Thushan Jayasundara, Chairman/ Managing Director represented the company. Among the many discussions and knowledge sharing sessions, International Tea Development Trend Forum, Tea Trip, and Special Products Exhibition are noteworthy. This also enabled the participants to have a deeper understanding about Sichuan tea and Yibin tea as well as the wellness chemical compounds in tea, which protects regular tea drinkers from many degenerative diseases and enhances immunity and immune response.