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Worldmart Ceylon Tea

As a subsidiary of Roof Mart (Pvt) Ltd group, World Mart Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd (WMC) is a passionate tea producer with a big dream to deliver an exceptional tea experience into your everyday lives. WMC holds pride in being one of the leading Sri Lankan export companies of tea, cashew, spice, coconut oil, dry fruits and more under the brand name ‘HILTIPS’. The company was founded in 2015 and is successfully led by a promising team of experienced trade professionals. Built on the core values – customer focus, integrity, teamwork, community and safety & health, WMC always works in the best interests of its customers and stakeholders. Registered under the Sri Lanka Tea Board, Sri Lankan Chamber of Commerce and being a member of the National Chamber of Export and Export development Board, WMC holds an unmatched reputation with extraordinary industry performance.

Our senior members who have years of industry experience and expertise are well experienced in the trade and are capable of handling all key areas of WMC’s business portfolio. At present, we handle large volumes of loose tea, tea bags, pyramids and more varieties. Our carefully streamlined production is efficient, effective and is handled by professional organizations that have over 25 years of experience and expertise in the tea industry including packaging. Our standardized processing plant is well organized and follows global best practices to ensure superior quality teas are manufactured.

At WMC, we transform and enrich your life with our perfect blends filled with natural health benefits in a variety of exciting flavours. Carefully handpicked, blended with select world-class ingredients and laced with herbal extracts of healthy goodness, we bring you the finest healthy drink creating a happy, healthy and well-balanced life for you. Our secret formula to create the perfect cup of tea is filled with all the health benefits you need in the flavours you love. Our carefully manufactured products focus on function and flavour whilst delivering enriched goodness to your lives. Every ingredient picked for our tea is natural, authentic and of finest quality enhanced with the best nutrients, you need. We ensure that our teas blend perfectly with your day and lifestyle keeping you happy, energized and healthy. That’s the promise we deliver!



To become a globally recognized brand that supplies the best of nature's harvest for the benefit of the world population's wellbeing



To grow our organization to become highly profitable and economically sustainable by representing the nation by giving prominence to local producers, encouraging employees and satisfying customers
Production Process

From tender tea buds to your tea cup…

From handpicking the finest tea leaves from the sprawling lush green tea gardens to its withering and rolling to give the great personality it truly deserves, we put passion and perfection into work. We separate the finest for you and ensure that each sip of our blend is truly inspired by World Mart Ceylon Tea’s pure, garden fresh, traditional, natural and authentic tea leaves. Our teas are filled with natural goodness in every cup. That’s the promise we deliver!
Highest Quality
Our tea is natural, authentic and of finest quality enhanced with healthy goodness. Whether you’re new to tea or have been sipping it for years, you will discover a redefined tea experience with our expertly blended tea in exciting signature flavours. World Mart Ceylon Tea is not your regular cup of tea!
Pure Taste
Inspired by nature’s goodness our teas divine and refreshing. Maintaining the pure taste of pure Ceylon tea, we also offer you an added infusion of natural flavour that enhances the whole tea drinking experience. Our extensive range of teas taste fresh and deliver pure goodness with you in mind!
Wide Assortment
From retail, hospitality to gifting we have the finest tea collection. Our teas are perfectly balanced in richness, flavour, strength and aroma and will instantly become your new favourite after the first sip. Our carefully curated tea assortments are perfect for everyday drinking in varying strengths and are the best gift for any tea lover!
Eco Packaging
Our eco-friendly tea bags, boxes, canisters, tins and pouches are designed with you in mind! Well designed in superior quality with attention given to the last detail, our packaging is truly unique and stands out from the rest with elements of Sri Lankan inspiration and showcasing the local tea heritage to the world!
Our teas are pure and truly authentic with zero gluten. We are proud to offer our range of tea products that are safe for those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Your health and well-being are our priority and we ensure that our teas blend perfectly with your day and lifestyle keeping you happy, energized and healthy. Enjoy our gluten-free teas with meals and snacks you love!
Without GMO
All our teas are carefully crafted with no artificial flavours, preservatives, additives or GMOs. Our blends are made according to the rigorous best practices for GMO and our teas are produced in compliance with the Non-GMO standard, that includes following stringent best practices for GMO avoidance, including segregation and traceability to prevent contamination. Your well-being is our priority!