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We bring you the pride and the real taste of Ceylon in a delightful cup of refreshing golden tea. With us, you will discover the finest and the most exquisite tea blends carefully made to tantalize your taste buds. Our journey, was full of nice milestones and we are really proud of that. The latest news and events from our global activities.

We sourced both Black and Green Bulk Teas
April 16, 2020

WMC HillTips hand selects the freshest, high-grown tea leaves to make the finest quality blend. This loose tea blend made from Orange Pekoe and Pekoe cut black tea is the ideal blend for the perfect cup of tea. Produced respecting a 5,000 year old tradition HillTips Green Tea is 100% pure and natural. Specified blends will be delivered as requested, in a flexible and timely manner while maintaining our promise of high-quality. All our teas are packed with the objective to maintain freshness and aroma.

Your favorite HillTip tea brings you a stronger flavored, great tasting, aromatic and high caffeine tea! You’ll surely get the boost you need to keep going throughout your day. Freshly picked and pressed tea leaves are delivered in 1 to 25 kg bulk packaging, enabling amazing flavor release. Brew a cup and get ready to enjoy!