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We bring you the pride and the real taste of Ceylon in a delightful cup of refreshing golden tea. With us, you will discover the finest and the most exquisite tea blends carefully made to tantalize your taste buds. Our journey, was full of nice milestones and we are really proud of that. The latest news and events from our global activities.

WMC boosting its operation in China
April 16, 2020

Not only is tea the world’s most popular drink, WMC HillTips is one of the world’s leading tea brand. Which is why HillTips believe in looking after the world – as we source, pack, grow and buy our tea.

At WMC, we don’t just supply tea around the world, but we farm it too. Either on our own plantations, or by working closely with over 600,000 small farmers and 1,000 plantations around the Island. Following the success of CIIE 2018, WMC expanded their overseas operation and appointed agents in China. Today with provincial agents WMC is in full operation mainly in Shanghai and Guangdong.